SCUSD open enrollment slogan QUIZ

Quick, which of the following is the slogan of Sac City Unified School District’s Open Enrollment program?

A. “Success for Every Student by Name”

B. “Choosy moms choose SCUSD”

C. “Moving kids upward onto the future”

D. “Knowledge for all, free lunch for most”

E. “Enroll you’re kid today” (sic)

That would be A, “Success for Every Student by Name.” Perhaps phase two could be success for every student by address, followed by success for every student by height.

Author: CoolDMZ

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4 thoughts on “SCUSD open enrollment slogan QUIZ”

  1. Amusing but you should provide some sort of background for those that are not in the know.
    I presume this is because of the parents lining up in the cold for the only 80 available spots at some school.


  2. I don’t know, Axelrod, I don’t think being in the know would help me understand “Success for Every Student by Name.” And yeah, don’t get me started on the folks waiting in the cold for their spot at Crocker/Riverside. Mostly because I’m not sure exactly how I feel about.


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