New Themed Restaurant Coming To Old Sac

The River City Saloon, an old-West themed bar and restaurant, is hoping to open up in Old Sacramento in the spring of this year.  According to their website, the place will feature servers dressed in period clothing, twenty-five cent sasparilla, and a shooting range. 

This sounds suspiciously like a moderately horrific hybrid of Claim Jumper and Bobby McGee’s.

Or even worse, doesn’t this sound eeirly like the Dodge City bar that the Griswolds visit in National Lampoon’s Vacation?

Good talk Russ.  Good Talk

6 thoughts on “New Themed Restaurant Coming To Old Sac”

  1. You guys are killing me. 🙂
    I am the owner of this place and thought I would fill you in on why I am opening this place.

    I have been in the restaurant and bar business for over 20 years. I have always wondered why Old Sacramento did not have a fun, family friendly restaurant that the parents can sit down enjoy a beer and the kids a sarsaparilla. As well as the thought of a place that adults can go at night and not have to go to another over priced here today gone tomorrow ultra club. How many more of those places can open up and sell a beer for $10.00 before people realize that Sacramento is not Vegas. Don’t get me wrong I do visit these places but do we need more then 10 of these.

    So we are not a upscale restaurant,we are not a ultra club, we won’t be charging a cover charge, we won’t be gouging you for drinks and food. Also we are not a chain owned, chain type place, more of a neighborhood joint going after some tourist business during the day.

    And we have had to put the shooting range on hold. I look forward to buying you all a drink!
    Sean Derfield
    The River City Saloon


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