Breakfast-The Carmichael Way

I’m not a morning person — heck, I’m not even an early afternoon person — but I still get excited about a really good breakfast.

Lido Cafe-7739 Fair Oaks Blvd

The Lido is simply a great breakfast spot. Two little birdies told me so, their names are “sweet potato pancake” and “homemade cinnamon roll.” In another part of town, those might sound like streetwalker handles, but not in Carmichael son.  Those are two of the many standout delicacies waiting for you on the Lido menu. Add to that the spot-on service and the great coffee and you’ve got yourself gen-u-wine breakfast perfection. Other than the fact that the owners of Lido didn’t call me personally years ago to tell me how good their grub was, I can’t find fault.

El Palmar-2452 Mission Ave

I’ve talked about neighborhood favorite El Palmar before. Well, it’s still good, and the new, more expansive digs on El Camino can accommodate the ceaseless business.  But we’re here to talk about breakfast, and El Palmar serves one of my favorites. No, senor, it’s not a breakfast burrito, that silly California hybrid. It’s just one word that says breakfast delight: MACHACA.  Machaca con huevos, that is: a scrumptious mix of scrambled eggs and spiced, shredded beef that trumps any omelette anywhere by anyone.  Some rice and beans on the side and a michelada to drink makes for el desayuno perfecto.

Cricket’s Country Kitchen– 4745 Auburn Blvd

If you’ve just recently escaped from Witch Mountain, then this place might seem light your run-of-the-mill breakfast joint.  For the rest of humanity, it’s a fascinating mess. Mannequins, clowns, toy trains, knick-knacks, bric-a-brac, and anything else you can think of lines the walls and the ceiling and the tables and the waiting area and the kitchen.  The booths are broken and the waitresses are broken down.

If this were just a review on interesting spaces, Cricket’s would get a five star rating just based on the creepy cool factor alone, but alas, the food doesn’t live up.  As breakfast places go, it’s fair fare. Nothing to email home about, but nothing to turn your stomach either.  The eggs and bacon and sausage and pancakes and biscuits are all just fine without being exceptional.

I’d go back, but only to shock my friends that hadn’t been before.

7 thoughts on “Breakfast-The Carmichael Way”

  1. Congrats on finding the Lido. At least 10 years ago, maybe 15 my brother got into an argument with my parents and stormed out of the house and down the street. He wound up around the corner at a complete hole in the wall cafe/hair salon (no i’m not kidding) that was nestled between the Happy Hubcap and a notary place. Lets just say it wasn’t exactly Mulvaneys. I eventually found him here and we shared the first of hundreds of grilled “Domino” Sandwiches. These sandwiches are AMAZING. As the years progressed this little hole became more and more popular enjoying a “peachpit after dark” like transformation from salon/grill to grill, to grill night club and now finally full fledged restaurant.

    What holds the place together is definitely Mom Shauna and daughters Misty and Nicole. There completely un-PC “What are you having sweetie baby honeys” definitely kept the blue collar crowd coming back. Misty and Nicole worked nights and weekends at this place while they worked 2nd jobs and were in school. It’s pretty cool to see them doing so well. This place is a diamond in the rough.


  2. Our breakfast gem in the area is Waffle Barn a few blocks south on Fair Oaks Blvd. Lido would be a much better place if it had A/C. That place is a sauna in the summer.


  3. F’n waffle barn is whats up. You gotta love the 2001 kings memorabilia. I only have one complaint. No joke about 50% of the time we are seated next to a group of teachers(always different teachers) that seem to get together just to complain.


  4. I’ll be sure and hit Lido before summer. Good to know about the Waffle Barn as well.

    I wish Sac had a REAL diner, open 24 hours, with the black and white tiled floors, the booths and counter, and the breakfast served all day…along with servers who say honey and sweetie.


  5. This is probably the closest thing to a “real” diner that I know of in Sac area. Reviews here are mixed but my wife and I have always enjoyed good food and mediocre service when we visited. Plenty of honey, baby dolls and middle aged waitresses in too short skirts and panty hose.


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