More fun from Sac City open enrollment

Since the public were waiting for a follow up to my uproarious earlier post… The timeline for Sac City USD open enrollment just got 100% more confusing with this recent update to the SCUSD website:

This notice is to inform all families that applied during the Open Enrollment period for the fall of 2009-2010, the anticipated timeline for Open Enrollment notification letters for families will be mailed during the week of Monday, March 23, 2009. If any additional changes in timelines are to be made, an update will appear on the website. [Emphasis mine]

The timeline will be mailed out on Monday? Maybe they should announce on the website that they will be mailing out fliers that say to go to the website to find out when they are going to mail the announcement.

(I’m sure they meant that the timeline is that the announcements will be mailed on the 23rd…)

Author: CoolDMZ

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