UPDATED – Jerry Houseman’s pro-tax rant VIDEO

Jerry Houseman, SCUSD board member
Jerry Houseman,
SCUSD Board Member

At last night’s SCUSD board meeting, during which the board voted to close 4 schools, the thing that really caught my attention was member Jerry Houseman’s comment on the proposal for school closures. He took the opportunity to rail against the Tax Day Tea Party protests and Fox News, yelling at the assembled school parents and other taxpayers that the reason the district is in such dire straights is that people in California don’t want to pay taxes. The prospect of an elected official — charged with spending millions of taxpayer money — browbeating his constituents to cease their resistance to higher taxes while they have the gall to take advantage of a public service like education, is pretty frightening. I think perhaps he was out past his bedtime.

Watch below as Houseman literally wags his finger at the parents and teachers who had come down to the district’s office to plead their case to keep their beloved schools open. This is especially offensive given that California consistently has one of the highest tax burdens and worst performing school systems in the country. I would also like to ask Houseman how he supposes the state’s various tax regulations have led to the mass exodus of students from SCUSD — a trend that is actually directly responsible for the current situation his board is facing.

The rant itself is toward the end of the clip. Thanks to YouTube user “coopmike48” for uploading the video.

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17 thoughts on “UPDATED – Jerry Houseman’s pro-tax rant VIDEO”

  1. How DARE “the people” not want to hand over more of their money to “elected officials”, who ALWAYS know what’s best for the sodden stupid masses. An OUTRAGE I tells ya’!

    I hope Jerry has been paying his full share of taxes on all his “over the internet” purchases and “domestic help,” or those whackjob anti-tax types will be all over him, like favors for a school board member.


  2. Good for him. He stood up for the PUBLIC – that is, everyone – rather than the selfish few.

    It’s about time someone stepped up to talk back to this bankrupt, me-first, selfish nation. If you don’t want to benefit from the social contract, fine – move somewhere else. If you do, and if you are happy to pay in order to support your friends, neighbors, community members, service providers, road builders, cops and firemen, teachers and social workers and doctors and nurses … good for you. I know that I don’t think I pay enough, given what I get.


  3. Moe Hong there is nothing stopping you from paying more, it’s called “a donation” and so long as your check don’t bounce almost anyone will take it. But the taxation for public services question is not an all-or-nothing one as you conveniently suppose. It’s perfectly reasonable to say paying SOME taxes for public services is acceptable but paying TOO MUCH is not. The tea party protesters were simply advocating limits on taxation, not the elimination of taxes altogether. And conservatives who support limited taxation are willing to accept limited public services as a consequence.

    I’m so tired of hearing people argue that any use of a public service requires total submission to limitless taxation. Obviously public services cost money, but there is nothing extreme about questioning whether the money is being well-spent, whether all of the services considered are worthwhile, and how much taxation is too much.

    On my way to the tea party protest Wednesday my bus driver told me, “you know people are more than happy to use this public service but don’t want to pay for it.” I paid $2.75 for it plus my taxes and then another $2.25 going home. But that’s the kind of logic being circulated out there. Urgh.


  4. The tea party protestors are lying to themselves if nobody else.

    The lack of nonwhite faces, the large proportion of racist signs and patches and stickers and tattoos, and the undeniable fact that they’re only happening because we have a black president … nobody is fooled by this, except maybe the protestors who are fooling themselves.

    HeyMeg, your bus fare pays only about 1/3 the cost of the transportation, by the way. In fact, it doesn’t pay for the bus itself or the fuel, or the road the bus goes on, or the bus stops. It barely pays for the salaries of the people who maintain the buses, the drivers, and the insurance.

    Nobody is talking about “total submission” to taxation. You have representation, don’t you? I wonder how many of those protesting even bother to vote, or get involved in their community, or give to the charities that are increasingly having to cover for the lack of available tax dollars.

    We pay a HELL of a lot less than folks in most of the world, and we have a much bigger military and role on the world’s stage. What do you want to see cut?


  5. Not that it’s relevant but I vote, volunteer weekly and give to charities every month. My taxes also pay for public services, some of which I willingly support. I for one am just expressing the ability to criticize some of the spending while also supporting some of it. You can’t deny that’s reasonable.

    I was at the rally, were you Moe Hong? Because in four hours I saw only one racist t-shirt and no racist signs. The majority of slogans expressed were regarding the constitution or calling out individual politicians. Obviously the President was one of the people held accountable for the policies enacted this year!! But also white politicians such as Nancy Pelosi and our governor were taken to task. At any rate, there are freaks at every political rally but it’s not really relevant to the question at hand.


  6. Moe,
    I would be willing to pay for a social system like Denmark. Tax the bejeezus out of me and actually spend it wisely on things that impact my life. What I am not willing to pay for is a top heavy education system that claims it must compete with the private sector for the same people that make it top heavy. I am not willng to give up 40%+ of my income for social programs I never get to use, because I make too much. I would be willing to do a lot of socialist things if I had an expectation that I would qualify for anything but community colleges, speeding tickets, and the ability to drive on paved roads. Which as it stands are the only public works programs I can use. I make too much to take advantage of everything. Hell the one guaranteed social program “cal grants” I f’d off by having fun in HS and missed the low minimum GPA.

    So Moe Hong before you start calling us racist take a minute to think. Some of us are tired of funding everything that we don’t qualify for, while others can continue to make poor decisions and waste a resource I would love to have for free. I am not rich. I am middle class. Very middle class. Mom has a High School Diploma, dad has an AA, and I am currently working full time and going to school. It wouldn’t take much for me to end up qualifying for some of these programs, yet I have managed to never qualify, even when I really need them. I have been in a situation where I qualify but it was mid year so my previous years income was too high, so I still didn’t qualify.

    I know I should be happy to not qualify, but I am not. America can not be a socialist nation though. So we need to go the other route and use vouchers. If we gave every parent the spending power that it costs to educate the average student in an Oak Park public school, that student could afford to go to the private school Chelsea Clinton attended while in DC. So teachers would make more with less security, but we would draw teachers back out of industry with the increased pay.

    Moe Hong what were these racist signs? Were they the confederate flag? If so that war was not over slavery. To many non racist Americans the civil war can be referred to as the war of northern aggression. Its a sign of independence, that DC can only go so far when it comes to pushing around the states. That being said I wouldn’t use the flag because of the assumptions associated with the flag.


  7. Oh and as to your question about which of our government’s wonderful social services I would cut, I would suggest we start first with the AIG bonuses and foreclosure bailouts. You can’t seriously be arguing that it’s extreme or racist to decry the current state of government spending.


  8. Can’t wait to see the video!
    This is like a panhandler complaining when you give him a doggy bag instead of a full meal!
    Seriously, how much MORE money do these people need?
    Here in West Sac I see a new building for STRS looming, I drive past ads from the CTA (expensive ads) every day on my way to work, and cool DMZ already posted the link.
    We are already paying and paying plenty!

    If the schools were a public contractor hired to build a shed, I’d be inclined to grab some hammer and nails and do the job myself. In my household, this is actually a very likely possibility.


  9. if you didn’t see the racist signs you weren’t there.

    they were undeniable, and i’m not talking about union jacks.

    OBAMA: BLACK AS THE DEVIL was a good one… although not sure what it had to do with taxation.

    “we are the Jews for Obama’s ovens” was another. Not sure they consulted any Jews on that one, though.

    Lots of swastikas. ANyone who has so little understanding of the power of that symbol is, ipso facto, using it in a racist way.


  10. Are you sure you were at the same Tea Party? I was there too — not for a long time, though — and I didn’t see anything along those lines at all. I’m sure there were some nutjobs there, but the overall vibe was anti Obama (the biggest draw, sure), anti “socialism,” anti bailouts, anti deficits, anti Geithner, etc. So kinda all over the place, but nothing that could be described the way you are describing it. There were tons of veterans. I’m not saying there were definitely no nutjobs, but the Flickr stream shows it like it was:

    Farillo de Calahonda

    Is the Union Jack racist? 🙂 Or did you mean Stars & Bars.


  11. Right, I saw those signs all over the place but I say they’re not racist. Tell me where I’m wrong. Just kidding, wanted to see what it felt like to be Bill O’Reilly. For real though I never saw anything like what you’re describing and I was there the whole day. If something like that was in the crowd it certainly wasn’t prevalent and it certainly has nothing to do with tax policy on either side of the arguments. I’m with you in being offended by that kind of language but that really has nothing to do with this issue.


  12. I enjoy a good political rally. You’re gonna get wack-jobs on the Left and on the Right. I was there for about 90 minutes. Here are some pics and a vid from the Sacramento Teabag-Fest. According to one of the Sac Teabaggers, President Obama has 100 Social Security numbers….hmmmmm.


  13. Great commentary…especially the part about using his elected position as a bully pulpit to browbeat constituents. Being witness to the tirade was surreal. Local government at its worst — since he isn’t running for re-election perhaps there will be more of this to come — if so he definitely needs criticism in the press for his outbursts.


  14. I am trying to figure out how someone can say that people don’t want to pay taxes in the state of California. We pay the highest state income tax rate (9.5%) and the highest state sales stax (over 10% in the toown I used to live in). Everything else is taxes at a very high rate. Maybe people are just exhausted by it. Maybe they are just saying that you have to live within the current income.


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