Two Milestones in One Weekend, Both Meat-Related

Sacramento will see not one but two milestones achieved this weekend.

Jim Denny’s 75th Anniversary- Saturday May 16- 816 12th Street, Sacramento

Festivities start from 8 to 10 am there will a recession-proof $3.00 buffet style breakfast with a pancake eating contest at 11 am. At noon, there will be another hard-times priced $3.00 buffet style lunch. Come and enjoy local treats and suds. The afternoon will rock with live music provided by The Regulars, Ol’ Cotton Dreary, and Who & The What Now! Stay for the burger eating contest, activities for the kids, and a raffle with great prizes from area businesses. Proceeds from the raffle will go towards expanding the restaurant which is both desirable (if you’re hungry) or a bit of a bummer (if you’re a preservationist).

Sam’s Hof Brau 50th Anniversary- Monday May 18th– Watt and El Camino, Sacramento

Two things will make the 50th anniversary party at Sam’s exceptional. First, 50 cent pastrami sandwiches. Second, the recapturing of the “Sam’s” name. For too many years, the venerable Hof Brau has been languishing under the bland moniker of “Plaza Hof Brau.” But not anymore. With a little scratch and some fierce negotiations the wise new owners of the ‘Brau (same folks that own Mikuni, dontcha know) have reacquired the Sam’s name. From now on, saying “Sam’s Hof Brau” will not only conjure a sense of history, but speak of great things to come. Come on by, raisea pint to the new improved sign, eat some meat, and revel in a piece of Sacramento’s history and future.

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