Kings get worst possible draft position

In today’s NBA lottery, the Kings, with a 25% chance to get the top pick in the draft, by far the best odds of any team, wound up with the lowest possible choice, #4, which, on the bright side, allows the team to avoid the shame and embarrassment of once again choosing Pervis Ellison.

4 thoughts on “Kings get worst possible draft position”

  1. YAAAAAAAAAWWWWNNNNNNNNN!!! Professional basketball bores the sh!t out of me, and, as a Sacramento taxpayer, makes me want to NOT go to games. If they only had, like, elbow pads with 3 inch spikes. Or legal above-the-belt fist n’ elbow shots? Or even free parking. And that’s pretty bottom of the barrel- All I ask is that the pro sports teams don’t cost the taxpayers, and I’ll enjoy/pay for at least one game a season (I submit my Rivercats tix stubs). But try to cram it down my throat, and I’ll give you a giant FU- even if you have a player named Elvis Peterson, Pelvis Eaterson, or Eat Pelvisersn. I don’t care anymore- just like the Kings’ owner’s feel about Sacramento.


  2. So what you are saying, Turty, is that if they ask you to sign something that says pro sports teams shouldn’t do that, you’ll sign it, put it to a vote, you’ll vote for it, but what you won’t do is play ball?


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