Tre-gic, just Tre-gic

A few months ago I ate crow over Haines brother’s newest offering, Tre. It had a fantastic menu, filled with inventive, whimsical, and, most importantly, delicious dishes. So it was with a heavy heart that I read Chris Macias’s post over on the Bee’s Appetizers Blog about Tre overhauling its menu.

It appears that the same crowd who was showing up for the food wasn’t showing up enough to keep the kitchen humming, and the late-night crowd wasn’t much in the mood for risotto balls and ribeye steaks. So, the new menu will be filled with “American comfort food,” (basically upscale Chili’s fare) and gone will be the Cajun shrimp and cioppino. It’s really a shame, but I’d hope that the Haines bros take the successful menu and transplant it to a place that will work. No matter what though, you can count on the menu having french fries. Mmmmmm, Haines fries.

5 thoughts on “Tre-gic, just Tre-gic”

  1. Bollocks. I was looking forward to trying aforementioned spiffy menu and they’re turning it into yet another sliders-infested pub grub debacle. Well, probably not a *debacle* but certainly not the kind of thing that will quicken my pulse or anything…

    Anyone been to the night-club bit of Tre? The Yelp reviews are not particularly positive.


  2. It can’t be any worse than the debacle (thanks Faine G) I experienced recently at Bistro 33 in EDH. Crappy bar, crappy food, crappy service and big price tag. It seems as though their focus on growth has exceeded thier focus on quality.


  3. I spent newyear eve there..not normally my cup o’tea but it was fun. The food was tasty but not worth spending a lot of money on. Kind of like Lucca.


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