About the City’s new water restrictions

I wanted to bring up a few points about the City’s new martial law declaration with respect to water use. First, you can be cited and fined for “leaky or faulty water lines, hoses, fixtures or other water using or distributing devices,” so make sure to maintain all your sprinklers. Second, the City itself is exempt from all the restrictions. And keep in mind these restrictions are in place now, when we’ve had unseasonable precipitation and mild temperatures; the City will enact even more stringent restrictions if we get to an actual water shortage situation.

Read the City’s ordinance (PDF)

(Hat tip to Chris Shannon of North Sac Beat)

Author: CoolDMZ

"X-ray vision to see in between / Where's my kimono and my time machine?"

5 thoughts on “About the City’s new water restrictions”

  1. They are checking on this, and making sure you have a perscription for 30 sudafed pills. I’m glad I’m so well protected.


  2. Hi CoolDMZ,

    Thanks for the hat tip. I was going through my feeds and came across it. I’ve added your site to the blogroll on mine.

    It’s interesting how since these restrictions went into effect, people have caught the city watering their parks during the day and the park restroom issue has gained more exposure. I think the city’s idea for water conservation is good, so long as they make sure they follow their own ordinance.

    Again, thanks for the hat tip.


  3. Yeah- but can I pee in my front yard, and solve BOTH problems at once? No flushy, no watery, as they say. Or do I have to pee in the City park now between 10 and 6? Very confused and in discomfort…


  4. Since I’m an “odd” number house, I peed on my lawn after 6 p.m. Saturday. No one ticketed me, so I think I’m ok. I’ll have to stop drinking liquids after 10 tonight, or i’ll never make it through Sunday… Shoot! No Monday watering! I have to wait ’till Tuesday, or else go in the park where all bets are off!


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