Watch out for crosswalk sting today

Sac PD are out today in a sting to nab drivers who don’t stop for pedestrians at crosswalks:

Plainclothes officers will be attempting to cross between the white lines of crosswalks at different intersections in the city. Nearby, motorcycle officers and officers in patrol cars will be watching for motorists who don’t yield the right of way to the pedestrian cops.

Are plainclothes officers really needed for this? Couldn’t the pedestrians in this operation just be … pedestrians? I suppose it’s possible that would make it seem like they are “putting the public in danger,” though unless they are banning pedestrianism entirely until the scourge of right-of-way-refusal is smote from the land, they aren’t really doing anything either way, harms-way wise. Bottom line: stop for pedestrians.

It’s also funny thinking about the officers who get picked for plainclothes duty on this:

LIEUTENANT: Officer Smith, you’ve been assigned undercover duty.
OFC SMITH: Undercover?! Oh boy…

[FADE TO montage, scored to ’70s ROCK, as OFFICER SMITH prepares for undercover duty. He tries on several LONG LEATHER COATS, he practices his SCARFACE impression in the mirror, he is seen purchasing a YACHT]

[CUT TO: OFFICER SMITH shows up at the precinct, wearing a DONNIE BRASCO style leather coat. He has a gigantic MUSTACHE.]

LIEUTENANT: Officer Smith, what are you doing here!? You’re supposed to report to the corner of 21st and K for plainclothes pedestrian duty. We need you to cross the street when cars are approaching so Officer Jones here can nab them on his souped up motorcycle.


Source: Sac Bee

Author: CoolDMZ

"X-ray vision to see in between / Where's my kimono and my time machine?"

7 thoughts on “Watch out for crosswalk sting today”

  1. They were being quite obvious this morning on Folsom and 32nd by the Med Center or whatever it’s called now. The motorcycle cops were nicely stationed behind where Good Eats is being built. I also saw them at lunchtime.


  2. Err… I thought pederasty was outlawed a LONG time ago? OH! Pedestrianism! That makes more sense in the crosswalks…


  3. I drove down Broadway through Oak Park, where the sting was happening — by Starbucks and 40 Acres. There were police officers talking with media on the sidewalk, right where you would stand if you were waiting to step out into the crosswalk. There were also several drivers down the street getting tickets. So of course I stopped. They didn’t wave me on or anything! So annoying.


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