I’m finally an Art Beast

I finally got a chance to take the whole family to Art Beast yesterday, and I submit for your consideration that Art Beast is the coolest family outing that has ever existed in Sacramento.

Imagine you live in a charming, drafty old Victorian in Midtown. Now imagine you have a second charming, drafty old Victorian in Midtown that you can use exclusively for your kids to play. (I’m not sure how you came to own 2 homes in Midtown. Maybe you had a lot of money invested in gold, or you own the agency that makes “There’s an app for that” ads for Apple. Work with me here.) If you were to dedicate the entire basement to dress up, the whole living area to every kind of art and/or craft known to man, the entire upstairs to dance and other creative movement like tumbling and arm-wrestling, and your backyard to water and sandboxes, you would have something like Art Beast.

If I were creating something like Art Beast just for myself to use, there would only be a few things that Art Beast doesn’t have. Specifically: a sandwich bar, a dozen 72″ LCD screens, a sizable library of comic book trade paperbacks, and a room full of Legos. (Most of those would be good additions to Art Beast, actually.)

The thing that impressed us the most about the arts and crafts area is how the staff manage to keep it neat and clean without making you feel like you can’t make a huge mess. And I can’t say enough about the charming back patio, full of water wheels and sand and gravel and anatomically correct baby dolls.

The class schedule has something for every kid’s interest, and the monthly membership fees are a bargain when you consider the hours you can spend there and the money you’ll save on having to both stock and maintain that amount of stuff at your own house :). I hope Art Beast is around for my grandchildren to enjoy!

Author: CoolDMZ

"X-ray vision to see in between / Where's my kimono and my time machine?"

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