There’s Only One Book for Sacramento

Oprah sent Lisa Ling to investigate it. Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey, Jr. star in a film about it. Kevin Johnson camped out to highlight it. Now the Sacramento Public Library is asking you to read about it with its One Book Sacramento campaign.

I’m talking about homelessness. Just because Tent City has folded doesn’t mean the problem has. And reading about the crisis was never this… well, fun.

In the moving book, The Soloist, by Los Angeles Times columnist and best-selling author Steve Lopez, you’ll read the true account of Lopez’s unusual friendship with a homeless man, Nathaniel Ayers. You’ll find a Sacramento familiar, Darrell Steinberg, whom Lopez reaches out to for support as he experiences mental illness first-hand through Nathaniel. This homeless musician’s talent and his hard life on the street rocks Lopez to the core. Join their incredible journey through this grabbing, real-life page turner.

You’ve still got time to read the book before Lopez comes to town on September 24 to the Tsakopoulos Library Galleria to discuss his story. In fact, you can download the audio version FREE on the library’s website. No late fees! Or, you can cheat and watch the movie. But I’ve heard, of course, that the book is better. Or, you can head to your favorite book store (here’s mine) and get yourself the paperback at a screamin’ 30 percent discount.

Any way you choose to ingest it, get to it! You’ll be glad you did. Then, just because you know you should, head out and volunteer with the homeless. You’ll be even gladder.

3 thoughts on “There’s Only One Book for Sacramento”

  1. Thanks, RonTopofIt! I’m happy to be here.

    And Melly, I’m excited to find another fan of Time Tested. Plus, where else can you shop on store credit?!


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