Have a Low Brau October

If you haven’t had your fill of all things German yet this October, stop on by Sam’s Hof Brau for some true Teutonic fare. I love Sam’s; I love everything it stands for; I love the the AARP crowd that hangs there; I love the velvet wallpaper; I love the pictures of fat women on antique bicycles, I love the giant turkey legs smothered in gravy. For more than 50 years, Sam’s has been serving ridiculously hearty foods from its Watt and El Camino location, and this month you can sample some of their best German specials. Friday through Sunday, enjoy German style short ribs, bratwurst and braised red cabbage, German pot roast, knockwurst, Bavarian style chicken, and kielbasa. Make a special trip on Saturdays for Sam’s arousingly good German potato salad and wash it down with a mug of Warfsteiner from the cozy bar. The best news is that every dish is under $10. So get your oom-pa on and celebrate Oktoberfest by eating wurst until you burst.

7 thoughts on “Have a Low Brau October”

  1. You inspired me to head out there for dinner tonight. Ten dollars bought me a big turkey leg, and stuffing covered in gravy, pasta salad, roll, cranberry sauce, and a soda. All for sub ten dollars.


  2. The other day I successfully convinced my coworkers to allow our Departmental December Holiday Outing to be bowling and Sam’s Hof Brau! Do they still have a big barrel of pickles?


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