McCarty ridicules City watering restrictions he voted for

In an article posted earlier on Sacramento Press, City Council member Kevin McCarty (rightly) ridicules the City’s watering restrictions. One problem: McCarty voted Aye on the ordinance that created the restrictions.

I appreciate the point he is trying to make in his editorial: the proposed Nestle plant will be overcharging people for billions of gallons of our water, and the City will still be “busting people for flooding sidewalks,” yadda yadda. But if McCarty is successful in fighting the Nestle plant, will he repeal the residential watering ordinance and no longer bust people for flooding the sidewalk?

P.S. Any suggestion to revise the title of this post would be exactly the kind of non-commenty comment up with which I will not put.

Author: CoolDMZ

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6 thoughts on “McCarty ridicules City watering restrictions he voted for”

  1. Get used to seeing Kevin in the media for the next year, as he is running for the Assembly seat currently occupied by Dave Jones. He is doing a great job of sticking his face in every camera possible.


  2. DMZ – He’s doing two things… First, yes, positioning himself as an advocate for the public good, the same gameplan that has made Jones so damn popular (for good reason, IMO) and second, simply creating name and face recognition. He’s running against Roger Dickinson, who I am guessing has got Kevin beat on that matter by 2 to 1, at least. Probably more like 3 to 1.


  3. DMZ-

    I think you meant to put ‘McCarty soaked in the realization his restrictions were all wet.’


    ‘McCarty dams his own water restrictions’ (see what I did there?)


    ‘Water Reference, Water Reference, McCarty, Water Reference.”


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