Chris Jericho/Mr Lobo controversy hits TMZ

Sac For Tourists noticed that an incident between homoerotic entertainer Chris Jericho and the inimitable Mr Lobo has put Sacramento on TMZ once again:

Jericho was at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival two weeks ago … for a screening of a movie in which he appears. During a Q&A session, Jericho referred to the moderator several times as “Hadji” — a term sometimes used as a racial slur against Middle Easterners.

After the first wave of slurs — and a random shot at Paris Hilton — the host jokingly takes Jericho’s drink to sniff it for booze, when Chris chimes back, “it’s apple juice … fag.”

To (somewhat literally) play Devil’s advocate: Hadji is also the name of Johnny Quest’s sidekick. The Johnny Quest reference makes much more sense in this context and though equally incorrect (Lobo and I share the Portuguese genes — Lobo was my grandma’s maiden name) it is somewhat less offensive.

Jericho, of course issued a weak complaint and said it was all in good fun, though in this follow up story on TMZ Mr Lobo says homoerotic entertainer Chris Jericho’s version of things is incorrect.

The video shows Mr Lobo is a real pro with some serious hosting/live appearance chops. I doubt he is really all that offended by the whole thing — after all, a horror fest is not known for political correctness, and the video clip doesn’t seem too over the top. In the clip, he’s actually trying to play the situation for laughs, which SFT points out could only have been accomplished by sheer will.

It doesn’t seem like the audience is that shocked by it either: Mr Lobo is their Tom Brokaw, but I assume there is a big WWE/horror film fest crossover audience.

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2 thoughts on “Chris Jericho/Mr Lobo controversy hits TMZ”

  1. “Mr Lobo says homoerotic entertainer Chris Jericho’s version of things is incorrect.”

    did you or mr. lobo say this? because wrestling is not gay, its interesting, funny as hell, and a great reprieve from the way real sports have turned into a business. And have you ever seen MICKIE JAMES or the rest of the 20 “divas” they have?!! definatley not for gays…On a side note anyone who accuses something of being “homoerotic” must be a little funny themselve.


  2. I didn’t say that wrestling is “gay,” I am saying it is homoerotic. Big difference.

    Truth be told, I can see the appeal of wrestling but I’m not necessarily a fan. For example: I can name almost a dozen TWF wrestlers, and I sincerely hope that I am speaking to former TWF Champion The Jake? Because that would be super awesome.


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