Funk and flow at Harlow’s

One of the best hip-hop lineups to come through town in some time is tonight, so get your shoes on and get to Harlow’s for The Deadliest Catch Tour at 9pm. Chali 2na, from Jurassic 5, is touring on his release Welcome to the Fish Market, a teaser for his frequently delayed first solo album Fish Outa Water. He is performing with his band, so expect high-intensity funk jams and psychedelic looping to get the crowd dancing.

The three accompanying acts are equally stellar MCs: Gift of Gab from Blackalicious, Mr Lif and Lyrics Born. Mr Lif just released I Heard it Today which is even more politically hardcore and confrontational than his usual work. Gift of Gab and Lyrics Born both have local roots through UC Davis and their early work with the Quannum MCs. They have deep fan bases in Sacramento, so get to the show early if you are buying tickets at the door. Tickets can also be bought online or at The Beat.

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