Girl Scout Cookie Time!

Girl Scout Cookies have officially arrived! You’ll pay $4 for a 7 oz. package this year. I spotted these hard-working sales-girls outside Corti Brothers today. They told me the troops will be selling here through March 15. You’ll also find them outside Safeway, CVS Pharmacy on Folsom Blvd., Compton’s on McKinley Blvd., and Starbucks on 39th and J Streets.

Even though the price has changed, you’ll still find the same yummy, classic flavor that only the Girl Scouts know how to make. Get ’em while they last!

6 thoughts on “Girl Scout Cookie Time!”

  1. Girl Scouts have also been spotted in front of Raley’s, at least the one on Freeport, and Taylor’s Market, also on Freeport.

    I feel like a stalker, but after going through Thin Mints withdrawal for three months after the stash in the freezer was used up, I’m now compelled to buy up every box of Thin Mints in town. You now are all warned….


  2. Thin mints now have to take a second place to my new favorite- the peanut butter chocco covered ones. Too bad you only get 6 cookies to a box now…


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