It’s Tangy Time: Pinkberry Coming to Sac

The LA institution affectionately known as Crack-berry is coming to our small hamlet. Soon to open at Howe ’bout Arden, with additional locations in the usual suburban enclaves of Roseville, Folsom, and Elk Grove, the SoCal institution will bring its tangy yogurt and fresh fruit toppings and naive Japanese schoolgirl attitude and creepy trance music to town and nothing will be the same again. Mostly my waistline, which will expand exponentially with the consumption of original yogurt with kiwi.

One thought on “It’s Tangy Time: Pinkberry Coming to Sac”

  1. I noticed a “Coming Soon” sign for Pinkberry in Loehmann’s Plaza next to Coldstone Creamery, up the street from the Yogurt Monkey and across the way from Yo-Yo Yogurt.


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