Cool family events coming up at Central Library

And chances are, if you give a Pesci a gambling license... (read on, it makes sense)
Several interesting events are coming up at the Central Library downtown:

  • Sunday, March 7: Family Concert with the Camellia Symphony Orchestra. On Sunday the Camellia Symphony Orchestra holds a free concert in the Library Galleria at 2 pm. But the coolest part happens before the concert, when the orchestra will present an “instrument petting zoo” to allow the kiddies to get up close to different instruments. I’m not sure how much actually petting they will allow but there will definitely be a chance to get up close and personal and “see how the instruments are played.”
  • Friday, March 12: Meet Children’s Author Laura Numeroff. I’m sure that the author of “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” is not well-known outside the world of parents of little ones, but inside that world this is basically like an appearance by Martin Scorcese, if you replace Italian-American history with feeding snacks to various wildlife. She’ll be reading from her new book “The Jellybeans and the Big Book Bonanza” and fielding questions from the kids(!)
  • Thursday, March 18: The Voetberg Family Band. If you dig on bluegrass music, and aren’t creeped out by immense families, you might want to check out the Voetberg Family Band. This is a gaggle of 8 siblings who do some mean fiddlin’ (20 regional fiddling championships and one National Young Adult Fiddle Championship between them!) and perform a sweet mix of bluegrass and Celtic. I’m no Jello Biafra but I like to think of myself as musical, and what parent who is slightly musically inclined doesn’t daydream of forming a family band and touring around in a camper from one folk music festival appearance to the next over the course of one crazy summer?

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  1. I was trying to come up with a “random” reference that might cause passersby to stop and comment. As usual, I have failed. 🙂


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