CoolDMZ vs. the Laker Nation

My dad treated me to a viewing of Tuesday night’s Sacramento NBA Kings contest versus another basketball team from Los Angeles. In case you missed my Twitter tweets from the Arco stands, the most notable topic was the fact that the Laker Nation was out in force. I suppose this should not be surprising, but that didn’t stop it from being strange and demoralizing. If anything it made for a schizophenic crowd: loud boos for Kobe when he lines up for a free throw, then equally loud cheers when he sinks it (on those rare occasions when he was able to make one). The Kings played great for most of the game, they were in it until the end. Rare defensive lapses–though the Lakers create serious matchup problems for almost everybody–but also some amazing D from the Kings.

Other highlights:

  • Tyreke Evans is the real deal. They only seemed to play the set offense when he wasn’t on the floor; whenever he had the ball, he took it full court and to the hole — even when Bynum and Gasol were between him and the hole. Amazing stuff, almost another triple double.
  • Inexplicably, Danny Glover was in attendance.
  • The Kings spirit squad did the “t-shirt toss” in two consecutive breaks in the action, and for some reason this cracked me up. “Lets get ready to make some NOOOOIIIISE for an additional tossing of t-shirts.”
  • In case you read this elsewhere, it did appear that Kobe and Gasol got pissed at each other over a missed alley-oop. Although it also had a bit of a Harlem Globetrotters vibe to it, as though they were hamming it up for their many fans. However, Kobe Bryant sold his sense of humor to the devil for basketball skills, so there you have it.

Author: CoolDMZ

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2 thoughts on “CoolDMZ vs. the Laker Nation”

  1. “they were in it until the end”

    Sorry, but that’s pretty much the theme of EVERY Kings game I’ve ever seen.


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