Friday Night Concerts in the Park lineup announced

This won’t stop until one of them changes his name.

Downtown Partnership announced the lineup for their summer concert series at Cesar Chavez Park today. The series is sponsored by a local beer supplier, by which I mean they supply beer to local liquor stores: Budweiser.

Lots of the usual bands, including Kepi, The Secretions, The Brodys, Mike Farrell, and Mumbo Gumbo. Also quite a few that have never played the series before. And as usual, they have done a good job booking similar bands for each night.

Downtown Partnership: Friday Night Concerts in the Park

Author: CoolDMZ

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One thought on “Friday Night Concerts in the Park lineup announced”

  1. Great concerts. But it’s still a mystery to me why they allow my toddler into the beer garden, but not my 18 year old niece.

    I would think it would be far worse for my little boy to latch onto a beer than my already hard partying niece. But my wife is constantly correcting me on what’s good and bad for children, so I will admit I could be wrong about this one too!


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