Iceland burns down

No, not the country.

Last night, Del Paso’s historic ice rink was lost in a five alarm fire. Fortunately, no injuries are reported and firefighters were able to keep the fire from engulfing any neighboring businesses.

Skating enthusiasts still have local rinks in Folsom, Roseville and Elk Grove, but Sacramento will feel a little less civilized without our own spot. The building was not insured and I cannot imagine that a new ice rink would be profitable unless it is attached to a larger project, such as a new sports arena.

3 thoughts on “Iceland burns down”

  1. A few more details on the arson angle

    In the days following, rink officials speculated that the fire might have been caused by a car that caught on fire at the rear of the building.

    Doucette said that car fire also was deliberately set, although it’s still unclear whether the two fires are connected. That remains under investigation, Doucette said.

    I’m sure they are not connected.


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