CSI on the scene!

I walked by this crime scene this morning, at about 8 AM, after dropping my car off at the awesome Paul’s Automotive. There were about 5 or 6 Sac PD cars and a bunch of officers hovering around a big blue lump which I correctly assumed to be a dead body. Not something you see every day!

Author: CoolDMZ

"X-ray vision to see in between / Where's my kimono and my time machine?"

7 thoughts on “CSI on the scene!”

  1. Not something we see every day?!? Try a day in Hiram Johnson’s shop class!! Ha ha ha ha ha!! They DON’T HAVE A SHOP CLASS ANYMORE!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

    Seriously though- maybe in the “English for the dumb asses who moved to America without speaking English” wing/hallway. They always have tarped bodies (usually a stabbing or an acid in the face attack) laying around…


  2. I normally love this blog, but this stands out as a particularly classless entry… That “lump” under the blue tarpaulin is someone’s kid, someone’s sibling, someone’s friend. A lot of my friends knew this man, and I wish the news of police investigating his death didn’t turn up in the context of “wow, cool, i saw a dead guy” in the Rag. Serious points deducted, guys.


  3. Thanks Sarah, I understand and appreciate the criticism. We agree that seeing a random dead body is not necessarily something easy to process, and I am the type who deals with difficult situations by allowing the uncomfortable laughter to come out.


  4. hate to criticize here dmz, but how is walking by this scene a “difficult situation” for you? you describe it as a blue lump and your last sentence ending with an exclamation point is purely voyeuristic, nothing more or less. second, how do you know this is a crime scene?

    except for a quick blurb on kcra and sacrag there is no news that i’ve been able to find in the bee or anywhere else on this matter. i live in this neighborhood and find it weird the bee, couple of blocks away, didn’t cover this.


  5. What I was going for was the way humans brains work when these things happen:
    I am walking
    I see police tape
    I keep walking
    I see a blue lump
    Oh shit that was a dead body

    But I can see it coming across as less than respectful, and that was not intended.

    And good point, it sounds like they are not calling it a crime scene at this point. Edited.


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