Best. Pulled. Pork. Ever.

Imagine, if you will, a place that serves a pulled pork sandwich topped with bleu cheese Napa cabbage slaw, dill havarti, shallots, and spicy barbecue sauce, all on a toasty ciabatta roll. Now imagine eating such a sandwich and having never tasted its equal. Now imagine sitting down and writing about said sandwich on a local blog. If you’ve imagined all that, then we’ve pretty much had the same day: you in your head, me in reality.

All I can say is make the effort to go to Fog Mountain Cafe on the corner of 10th and I streets. Hell, even if you have to get a parking ticket so that you have to go to City Hall to pay it so that you have an excuse to be on that corner. Even if you have to taint a local well so that you have to go to the CalEPA building on the adjacent corner, do it.

Fog Mountain Cafe– 1000 I St. Sacramento

Open Mon-Fri, 7am-3pm

7 thoughts on “Best. Pulled. Pork. Ever.”

  1. The sandwich as a whole was the best tug-o-war pig sandwich I’ve ever had. From pork to produce and everything in between.


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