We here at The Rag have frequently sung the praises of KYDS, El Camino High School’s student run radio station at 91.5 on your FM dial. Even though their annual budget is a mere $2000, they manage to be one of the least boring radio stations in the Sacramento area. Their annual Spring Audiothon takes place this weekend starting today at 3pm. If you are a fan, please consider helping them out with a small donation to pay their FCC fine. (see update at end of story)

As The Bee reports, KYDS was fined $1500 for failing to file their FCC license on time. I suppose this is a hazard of having a radio station run entirely by students, as the FCC license renewal process was reportedly and understandably overwhelming for a kid. As a consequence, the forms were a few weeks late.

An attorney has agreed to represent them pro bono, but the fine needs to be payed faster than the issue is going to be resolved at the federal level. If everyone who reads The Rag donates only $1, the fine will be payed. Let’s give the kids at KYDS a helping hand!

UPDATE: Loyal reader Hecubus informed me that 107.9 The End will be generously paying their fine. Please still consider making a donation to KYDS to help them pay for their day-to-day operations.

One thought on “Help KYDS”

  1. KYDS has some great music. New stuff, old stuff, a lot of dead air. ;>)
    We also listen to it for the comical value…yesterday the DJ (?) was talking and someone in the studio yelled “TALK LOUDER!” then someone’s cell phone rang. Good stuff, good stuff.


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