“Little House” musical to pitch in with Habitat for Humanity

Photo Credit: © Michal Daniel, 2008

The stage musical version of Little House on the Prairie opens this week at the Community Center Theater. The show stars Melissa Gilbert, who made a name for herself playing Laura in the 1970s TV series based on the books. And over the weekend, the cast will be tackling a Habitat for Humanity house in Del Paso Heights:

Throughout its 34-week, 26 city tour, Little House on the Prairie will make a minimum donation of $1,500 per market to the work of Habitat for Humanity through June 2010. In addition, the cast and crew will help local Habitat for Humanity affiliates build homes in each location.

Neat idea! But what I want to know is: Will the house come with a hollowed out log for smoking venison? Will there be a big iron stove for making pancake men?

Author: CoolDMZ

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One thought on ““Little House” musical to pitch in with Habitat for Humanity”

  1. What I want to know is will they release a swarm of mosquitoes on stage, so Pa can build a giant smoky fire to keep them from sucking the blood out of the livestock?

    Seriously, in Minnesota and Wisconsin Laura Ingalls Wilder is kind of a patron saint, with shrines erected and festivals held in her honor. They even have reenactments of scenes from the books. What I never got was why you would romanticize certain aspects of prairie life, like living in a hole dug in the side of a hill, or being buried in snow in an uninsulated log cabin with the wind and wolves howling outside of your door.


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