Jubilee Highlights

This year’s Jubilee was a rousing success. Great weather, huge crowds, and incredible music.
Every year there seems to be some old song that everybody plays; this year it was “I Would Do Anything For You.” Also each year there’s a band that knocks me on my ass; this year it was the New Orleans Ale Stars who knew how to milk an old Dixieland standard for all it was worth. And every year there are myriad “Jubilee moments” that make the whole thing worthwhile; this year my favorite such moment was Ralph Reynolds of the Reynolds Brothers getting a young boy so excited about playing the washboard that the poor tyke got a nosebleed. Don’t let anyone tell you that jazz isn’t dangerous.

One thought on “Jubilee Highlights”

  1. It was fun this year!

    Maybe next year I’ll actually get a pass to go in for a half-day, instead of my usual “sit just outside and try to look cool” act. I also won’t drink so much fresh-squeezed lemonade I feel sick. It was worth it though…


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