Carly caught on News 10

Could be worse...

While prepping for an interview on News 10 Good Morning today, Carly Fiorina made fun of Barbara Boxer’s hair. Apparently this is news. I find this odd, as I clearly remember reading a study that identified a gene that, when activated in females, significantly increases snarky exposition on women’s hairdos. When activated in males, it increases the likelihood that they will attempt self-fellatio during adolescence. Either way, we should accept it as part of nature and remember not to do it in a television studio while running for the US Senate. On his blog at KXTV, Dan Elliott points out that News 10 was classy and did not play the tape. He also declared the event “barely newsworthy” and that wannabe gotcha journalism that simply catches famous people off guard to embarrass them is an odd cultural trend. Cheers to News 10 to not jumping on the tired gotcha bandwagon.

3 thoughts on “Carly caught on News 10”

  1. I certainly don’t want to bag on a cancer survivor… but no one seems to mention the delicious irony of Fiorina sporting a Justin Timberlake hairdo while ripping on Boxer’s hairstyle…


  2. But did notice see how often channel 10 chose to point out the fact that they weren’t going to cover it, and that it was beneath them? Seriously, during the breaks in the NBA finals game and then later on the newscast, they must have brought the issue up at least 15 times.


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