Sac City Superintendent’s reading challenge aims high


Join Superintendent Raymond’s SUMMER READING challenge and Get Caught Reading a great book!

Read two or more books this summer and record the titles on a Reading Log. (Emphasis mine)

Two books! In just one calendar season?! “Get caught reading”?! Not to mention, judging at least by the 1st-2nd grade suggested list, the reading level is not exactly reaching for the stars either. It includes mostly picture books and “easy reader” type books.

Fortunately the Sacramento Public Library offers several literacy programs this summer. The Make a Splash reading contest aims to get kids to complete at least 5 literacy related activities. They also have a program with Fresh Choice that I believe encourages kids to read 5 books with a free meal as a reward. I cannot find anything about it online but it definitely is a thing — ask your librarian!

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4 thoughts on “Sac City Superintendent’s reading challenge aims high”

  1. Wow, I’m sorry you couldn’t find us online!

    You can get information on the Summer Reading programs available here – and you can even sign up and print your reading card online!

    We have programs for pre-readers, school-agers, teens, and adults as well. The grand prize for adults is one of two Sony e-readers, which are compatible with the Library’s e-book readers (kids’ grand prizes include a $100 Target card for pre-readers, a DSI for kids, and an iPod Touch for teens).


  2. The Sacramento Public Library actually has a drawing with prizes even adults would covet (an iPod Touch and a $25 iTunes gift card are among the offerings): kids can enter if they sign up for the summer program and finish five books. (With prizes like those, I wonder if they expect you to pass a pop quiz on each book you claim you’ve read.) Even if you don’t win the drawing, you can get your own book for finishing the challenge.

    I thought it was neat that they’re also offering an adult summer reading program. If grown-ups finish their five-book challenge, they can get a book bag as a prize. No word on whether you have to read adult-level books, or if you’re also allowed to list Easy Readers as part of your five.


  3. Hi all! I did actually find the Sac Library summer reading page, it was just that I could not find any information about the Fresh Choice program.


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