St. Francis Elem. School to move to Tahoe Park

Sac Bee reports that earthquake retrofit rules will force the St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School to relocate… to the former site of John Paul II School in Tahoe Park.

[St. Francis Principal Laurie] Power said estimates for the retrofitting have come in between $3 million to $5 million.

“We obviously don’t have that kind of money lying around in our checkbooks,” Power said. “It will take a lot of planning.”

Funny, the only reason there is an empty site is that the diocese didn’t have a dime to save John Paul II. I am happy though that the site in Tahoe Park won’t go unused.

Author: CoolDMZ

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3 thoughts on “St. Francis Elem. School to move to Tahoe Park”

  1. At least it’s midtown that will have a nice big brick crack house, and not Tahoe Park. And thank goodness the kids will be safe from all those nasty Sacramento earthquakes.


  2. Reminiscent of the earthquake retrofit scam that the school district perpetrated on the public Montessori charter in midtown recently – after they had spent 3 years moving in and cleaning up the old (abandoned) adult school, and after parents had put an enormous amount of money and work into the building, the district decided to kick them out (arguing that it was not earthquake safe) and move the school to a site far, far outside of downtown … even though 80% of the students at the school lived within 2 miles of the old site.

    Of course, after that, the district didn’t spend a dime on earthquake proofing the school – they don’t have anything to spend – and decided to move the adult school back into the site. I guess they didn’t care if adults were killed by an earthquake?


  3. Great catch, Moe. I have not been tracking that story very well (and I have sucked at blogging the last few months) but something always did seem fishy about that.


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