BFD, baby!

Brew, Ferment, Distill, that is! Sacramento’s DIY/slow food community gets another plus with the grand opening of Brew Ferment Distill, which offers you the chance to try your hand at making your own beer, wine, vinegar, pickles, cheese, and more! They will also be featuring urban photography as part of Second Saturday. Stop by and say hello!

Brew Ferment Distill — 3527 Broadway

6 thoughts on “BFD, baby!”

  1. Sheesh! That’s like Microsoft renaming to “Put out crap, Let users complain/Debug/Re-release” (“PLDR”). Gives away all the secrets in the name! Tho a nice play on lingo. Like if Gates agreed to call Microsoft “FUIGTTB”* and admitted what it stood for.

    * “F.U., I’m going to the bank”


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