Award winning beer and wines at State Fair

During the closing weekend at the State Fair, make sure you find your way to my two favorite spots; the Wine Garden and the Brewfest. While the Wine Garden is open every day, the Brewfest is only on Saturday at 5pm.

The Wine Garden has changed things up this year. Instead of offering nothing but award winning wines, they have a smaller selection of award winners with a large selection of inexpensive bottles for you to enjoy while you see acts such as Foghat and Weird Al. If you are buying by the glass, spend the extra $8 to get a commemorative glass, giving you double pours for the same price.

For reds, my favorites include Runquist Barbara, Michael David 6th Sense Syrah, and Macchia Zinfandel. For whites, try McManis Viognier, Husch Chenin Blanc and Heron Chardonnay. Of the inexpensive choices, I love the Madria Sangria at only $15 a bottle. This is one of the best bottled sangria I have ever had.

On Saturday, don’t miss one of Sacramento’s best beer festivals. For $15, you can select from dozens of CA breweries and their award winning creations. Last year’s Brewfest was held at the track, which was a perfect location, IMO. This year, they are holding it at the Golden One Stage, insuring that everyone will know where the party is when they enter.

This year’s Golden Bear winner for best beer in California is the Sudwerk Marzen. The only part that confuses me is that this beer is not available for daily enjoyment at any of the locations selling craft beer. While enjoying the two dozen craft beers available on a daily basis, keep an eye out for the Sierra Nevada Crystal Wheat. This is a hard to find beer that is perfect for summer and should especially appeal to those who generally only order “light beer”.

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