Free Buffalo Wings Opportunity

Creative Commons License photo credit: abbamouse

Speaking of openings, informs us that…

Buffalo Wild Wings, a sports bar chain that boasts more than a dozen signature sauces for its wings, is opening its first Sacramento-area location Monday. What’s more, the Citrus Heights restaurant, at 6301 Sunrise Blvd., is offering free wings for a year to the first 100 customers in line for its 11 a.m. opening, the company announced in a news release.

I’ve never heard of this place, but I enjoy me some wings. Has anyone been? This would be good opportunity for live blogging/tweeting if any of our readers find the time and motivation to battle this line for their chance at free wings for a year. Leave a comment with your blog or twitter address if you do.

Author: RonTopofIt

RonTopofIt is a complex personality, as are most of the small breed of modern day renaissance millionaires. He wishes more people were like him and yet believes that it takes all kinds. You've met RonTopofIt many times, you just don't remember him.

7 thoughts on “Free Buffalo Wings Opportunity”

  1. Have not visited, but I have a few friends who swear by it. These are friends who don’t live in places where there are many options outside of the chain restaurant, so I trust their judgement on this class of dining.

    Pluses: Huge variety of dippin’ sauces. Lots o’ meats. Decent beers in large servings.


  2. This avid cornholer heard on the radio this am that the year of free wings is dependent on your success in a cornhole round.

    For those not familiar with cornhole (ie not from the midwest) simply go to the American Cornhole Assoc website. Or just recognize that it’s a game of bean bag toss.


  3. @cogmeyer Funny you bring the cornhole thing up as I had an uncomfortable conversation with some folks from the midwest recently when they wanted to play it during a picnic. As far as I knew, the term pertained to where food comes out.

    It’s actually an entertaining game played best with a beer in one’s off hand.


  4. Buffalo Wild Wings, or BW3 ( I have no idea how they get this moniker) is a huge deal in the Midwest. My Ohio-born boss thinks the place is like the Louvre of fried chicken parts.
    I’ve been to a few in my times, and it’s pretty good. It’s basically a good step up from a TGI Friday’s.


  5. @Cogmyer. There’s no way that I’m clicking on that link. The best possible outcome is that get rickrolled. I know how the internet works.


  6. A couple years ago my nephew in Green Bay was proudly showing me around his newly purchased home. When we got to the far back corner of his basement, he suddenly asked me if liked to cornhole. I had the same reaction as RonTopofIt and Saconomics (ie outward disgust with an intense inner curiosity).

    And he directed me to the 2 cornhole boards leaning against the wall that he had just built.

    Anyway I guess cornhole started as football tailgating game in Indiana and Ohio, but now it’s pretty popular everywhere I go in the midwest. Apparently that is the link to Ohio based BW3.

    I have since built my own cornhole sets. I just can’t get enough cornholing. My wife likes to cornhole too.


  7. The most famous use of the word in pop culture…

    This is where I go every time I hear it.

    Good stuff, cogmeyer, we can use some sophomoric humor on this here web log.


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