Roz Savage to speak at CSUS

Roz Savage is the first woman to compete in the 3,000 mile Atlantic Rowing Race
Roz Savage is a true bad-ass. She is the first woman to row solo from California to Hawaii, is one of the only women to row across the Atlantic Ocean, and will soon be completing her attempt to be the first woman to row across the Pacific. With so many millionaires paying to get sherpa’ed to the top of Mount Everest and environmental tourism turning dangerous adventures into family fun, the oceans are one of Earth’s final frontiers. People who dare to challenge themselves and mother nature on the high seas risk their lives in ways we can’t imagine.

With so much time spent on the open water, Roz has a unique perspective on our oceans. She has been named a United Nations Climate Hero, among many other honors, for her campaign to promote sustainability and to fight rampant pollution of our oceans by plastic.

On Thursday, Roz will be lecturing at CSUS in the University Ballroom at 6pm, bringing breathtaking footage from her adventures and her touching and sometimes hilarious stories. Admission is free. After her lecture, Roz will be holding a reception at The Shack (52nd and Folsom). Come on out and meet an amazing person who has a vitally important message for the future of our environment.

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