Sacramento Rawks!

Hey kiddos,

Two very exciting shows coming up in November!

First up, on Friday, November 12th the legendary/infamous Jandek is playing on the UC Davis campus. Just in case you’ve never heard of him: he’s released more CDs than you can shake a stick at since his first — Ready for the House — in 1978, on his own label, Corwood Industries. And for years he flew, um, under the radar let’s just say, due to his atonal tunings, unconventional lyrics, and complete unwillingness to make any sort of public statement or appearance…

But in the past few years, he’s stepped out of the musical closet and played several live shows. And as an added bonus: Sacramento’s own Americana impresario, Christian Kiefer, will be part of Jandek’s back-up band! The show will be 100% improvisation, Christian told me, but that just makes it all the more fascinating.

Do a search on and you’ll no doubt find some of his tracks. I thought my wife would hate his “music,” as it dances on the edge of avant garde/soundscapes at times. But she actually loved it and is dying to see Jandek live now.

Next not-to-miss show: if you’re a Sleater-Kinney fan, as I am, you were probably gutted when they split up not too long after their masterpiece, THE WOODS. Well, Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss have teamed up with Mary Timony — shout out to Boston! — to form Wild Flag. Throw Rebecca Cole of The Minders into the mix and…holy cats!!!

I’d like to tell you where they’re playing, but the location is a BIG (ahem, everybody in the know knows) SECRET! All I can say is it’s in Midtown, has three letters, starts with an H and ends with a B. Shhh…the city council might hear you and shut it down!

Hope to see you there!

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