Sac Bee reports Sac Bee to change comments

The Sac Bee reports today that the Sac Bee will switch over to using Disqus for its commenting system on December 1.

Disqus offers many new options to watch, follow and share comments – and promotes greater accountability among contributors to boost the overall quality of comments.

If we’ve learned anything it’s that technology can always improve human discourse. There will be more integration with Facebook, which is an Internet Website, but it looks like the biggest change is that the Bee will purge its site of all the old comments. Which means that commenters like “derphmm” will need to create new gems of wisdom, like this one on the upcoming comments changes (posted to The State Worker blog)

Boy this is a GREAT IDEA! (NOT!!) Now if any state employee comments on anything those wacked out state employee haters can hunt you down and beat or kill you! Oh boy what a joy to look forward to!!!! And you can’t tell me that there are not enough state employee haters to cause this concern, and you can’t tell me that they aren’t that crazy either, look at so many of the anti worker comments!
Another way for the BEE to Stiffle any reasonable discourse and make it a more hostile place to express any opinion that is not in line with the Ghestapo!
You go and let the lunitics rule!!!

Author: CoolDMZ

"X-ray vision to see in between / Where's my kimono and my time machine?"

3 thoughts on “Sac Bee reports Sac Bee to change comments”

  1. Disqus makes it really easy for blog owners to ban users by IP address. derphmm will have to buy a new phone for each post…


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