Plan B- now with improved bread

Plan B, still the most oddly named restaurant in Sacramento, continues to put out beautifully made French cuisine with elegantly casual service and, in my opinion, the best fall-weather atmosphere in town. And, as if that weren’t enough, the bread is now good.

 You see I had written a review of Plan B about a year ago singing its praises but deriding its mushy, off-putting bread. Maybe I made too big a deal out of it, maybe not. But look, if you’re going to serve some of the best mussels around, you need lovely crusty bread to sop up all the goodness left behind. It’s imperative.

Anyway, after my meal was done, the owner, who had been our server the whole night and had shown no inkling that he knew who I was previously but who obviously has a memory on par with personal hero and JEOPARDY! champion Ken Jennings, dropped off the check and out of the side of his mouth asked if the bread was any better. Bravo to him for remembering, but even bigger kudos to him for doing something about it, because the bread was better. And the meal was perfect, and the evening was wonderful.

Plan B is one of the few places that I’m happy to leave the grid for. The soft candle-heavy lighting, the modern design that doesn’t look like it’s trying too hard, the absolutely warm vibe I get off of everyone that works at the place, the best mussels in town, maybe the the best lamb in town, the attention to good wine, to good cooking, to good people; it all works.

Plan B- 555 La Sierra Dr, Sacramento

Food**** Service**** Atmosphere****

One thought on “Plan B- now with improved bread”

  1. Agreed. For some good awful reason we were east of the city many months ago and hungry. Plan B popped up on OpenTable as available on our way home. We were shocked at the warm atmosphere and Lionel was in rare form. Food was great, bread was very good and the wine nicely matched. And it had that great vibe that busy restaurants that are doing well get when all the other diners are clearly enjoying themselves.
    If for some reason we stray beyond our downtown/midtown confines we’ll definitely return. Heck, we might even intentionally drive there!


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