It’s Okay to Laugh at the Disabled

Or it least it will be on Friday night at the Sacramento Comedy Spot. In fact if you don’t laugh at the disabled, the show will have failed to serve its purpose.

The “Comedians With Disabilities Act” goes up at 8:00pm at the Spot and features three incredible comedians, Michael O’Connell (has MD and is confined to a wheelchair), Steve Danner (little person), and Eric Mee (blind), who are not only disabled but who thoroughly mine their “otherness” for incredible, gut-wrenching laughs.

The first time I saw O’Donnell, I laughed so hard I was in pain, then told everyone I knew about this awesome comedian in a wheelchair. I remember distinctly that there were one or two audience members who seemed uncomfortable at the show, not with O’Donnell’s disability, but rather with his frank discussion of it on stage. If you’re one of those folks, you might want to stay at home and eat leftovers, but if you want to see what’s probably going to be the best standup show you’ve seen in a while, check out the “Comedians With Disability Act,” 8PM, Friday, at the Sacramento Comedy Spot, $12.

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