@SacramentoKings you’re not even fun to watch

The Sacramento Kings (yeah, they are still around, who knew?) are looking to reward “influencers” who tweet about them with the “royal” treatment during Saturday’s game against the Dallas Mavericks.

“These influencers have tremendous online reach — they live to talk on Twitter,” Garth Holsinger, Klout vice president of global sales and business development, said in a news release. “The buzz comes in the form of a huge conversation on Twitter, Facebook and other major social networks.”

Will tweeting about the Kings make them play better? Can an influencer make them not cough up a 13 point halftime lead at home? Can the hash mark them enough to make the games exciting?

One person will be chosen to sit in on Coach Paul Westphal’s postgame news conference.

Oh, joy, that will be a scream. This person will get to listen to Westphal try and spin something positive out of another horrible performance. “Yeah, we’re doing some really positive things right now…we just need to execute down the stretch and not turn the ball over so much.”

Go professional sports!

Author: RonTopofIt

RonTopofIt is a complex personality, as are most of the small breed of modern day renaissance millionaires. He wishes more people were like him and yet believes that it takes all kinds. You've met RonTopofIt many times, you just don't remember him.

One thought on “@SacramentoKings you’re not even fun to watch”

  1. Ironic, because the NBA prevents actual game “influencers” (aka “players”) from tweeting during the games. And too bad it’s only one person who can “win” the opportunity to sit next to the coach, because the Kings might have a better chance of winning if the whole team just sat next to the coach during the game.


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