The Prodigal Daughters Return

Hi kiddos,

If, like me, you lamented Agent Ribbons’ move to Austin, TX…rejoice!  Deck the halls, in fact.  You’ve got not one but two chances to see them before we ring in the new year.

This Saturday: Luigi’s Fun Garden at 20th and J.  All ages — and Dog Party opens, so it sounds fairly kid-friendly.  Can’t decide if I should tell my daughters and let them get all agog for the rest of the week, or if we should just drag them there as a surprise.

Already have plans for Saturday night?  Well, you’re in luck: the Ribbonses are playing again on Wednesday the 22nd at The Shady Lady, 1409 R Street.  Never been there myself, but I’m looking forward to checking it out…

Oh, and just a reminder: while it’s a shame The Crocker 2.0 is no longer free Sunday mornings (understandable, given what the incredible new wing must have cost) the third Sunday of the month is “pay-what-you-can.”  Since the weather is turning inclement, it’s a great way to spend the day.

Take care!

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