Weird structure on Amer. River Parkway (PHOTOS)

I took the family a-walking on the American River Parkway in the Sunrise Blvd/Jim’s Bridge area on Christmas Eve and noticed this weird structure on the north side of the river. It looked like it would be pretty tricky to get there from any of the houses on the cliff. My photos don’t have geotagging but AFAICR it was midway between Sunrise and Jim’s Bridge on the north bank. I’m assuming it is either a duck blind or some sort of ecological outpost? Does anybody know what this would be?

Author: CoolDMZ

"X-ray vision to see in between / Where's my kimono and my time machine?"

8 thoughts on “Weird structure on Amer. River Parkway (PHOTOS)”

  1. Sorry about the lack of imagination. I temporarily forgot that our culture has decided to leave practical & analytical considerations of things to China and India.

    How about an entrance to a secret command center like on “Lost”?

    Or maybe a panic room for the Fair Oaks cliff-dwelling power-broker elite?


  2. Vern Troyer’s summer home?

    I like your duck blind theory, and the footing theory as well, but I can’t imagine that being a logical or convenient place for either. My other thought is that it’s a utility vault of some sort, partially uncovered. Not logical or convenient either, but it looks a little like one to me.


  3. it may be a lookout for dfg agents. they’re known to be inconspicuous along the river during the adronomous fish runs for enforcement purposes. the sunrise area is a huge holding area for them.


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