Pancake Circus Has Gone to the Clowns

What the hell happened to my beloved Cirque du Crepe?!? Sure, they still know how to turn out a mighty nice flapjack, but on my last visit almost every other thing we ordered was unfathomably subpar, bordering on inedible. And I’m not talking hard to cook stuff here. It’s not like we ordered souffles and coq au vin. They served a “cheese omelet” that looked more like a handful of broken fried eggs (not scrambled or anything, just whites with broken yolks in the center) wrapped around a fistful of unmelted shredded cheddar straight from the Sysco Mylar pouch. And the sausages were limp and gummy. And honestly, gummy is not a quality I look for in my bangers.

For shame, Pancake Circus, for shame. Kitsch will only get you so far.

Pancake Circus- 2101 Broadway, that’s right, they have a website, if that’s not a sign that Skynet’s about to take over I don’t know what is)

Food*  Atmosphere*** Service**

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