Popfest this Friday!


Sacramento’s culinary community is banding together this Friday to help out friend in need. If you are a local foodie and have a little cash for a great cause, you won’t want to miss Popfest at the Sterling Hotel. Popfest will benefit Poppy Watson, who was terribly injured in a dog attack last November. She has already undergone two reconstructive surgeries, has several more ahead of her and the bills are already devastating.

This is the part where you go to the Sterling Hotel on Friday for Popfest. You will feast on wonderful food from the all-star lineup of Selland, Mulvaney, Mahan, Ngo, Pechal and Zoellin. You will quench your thirst and cleanse your palate with local creations from Two Rivers Cider, Barryessa Gap Vineyards and my favorite new local winery, Turkovich Family Farms, or cocktails made by bartenders from The Shady Lady and DeVere’s Irish Pub. You will try the incredible new Fortaleza Tequila, which is made using centuries-old artisan techniques. You will hold your head in shocked delight at the prizes you can win in both a live and silent auction.

Which will you bid on?

The tour of tequila makers in Jalisco, Mexico?
The pizza party for fifty friends and a keg of beer at your house?
The Winters weekend getaway where you will make your own wine?
The Selland Family Restaurants “Hat Trick” for 4?

Dozens of other prizes are available and more will be added shortly, check the event website for updates.

Tickets can be purchased in advance and printed at home. Go here to buy them.

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