Apologies for making you think about this…

…but isn’t this Sac Bee “Sacto 9-1-1” headline a bit strange? Or is it just me? Hyphens with compound nouns can be tricky. Doesn’t this wording imply that the stuff is not in favor of children?

I think the problem is anti; I think most people would assume it was anti-that if the cops and FBI are involved.

Author: CoolDMZ

"X-ray vision to see in between / Where's my kimono and my time machine?"

4 thoughts on “Apologies for making you think about this…”

  1. It definitely makes you take a second look.

    Sacramento area cops join FBI in kid pornography raids

    Sacramento area cops join FBI in anti-kid pornography

    It’s the “anti” mixed with “raids” right?


  2. Whew! I thought they were going after my second favorite genre of porn- after the “anti-animal” crush videos that is.


  3. I’ve had a tiny bit of experience writing headlines. Why didn’t they just put “child pornography raids”? Type-wise, it would have fit just as well, if not better. Bizarre.

    On the bright side, hopefully some creeps will be put away for a long time — regardless of the Bee’s awkward framing. I think the Bee’s reporting is pretty solid, for the most part, but I’ve seen a lot of odd headlines over the years. Good catch…


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