More hot Sacto action on DDD

Guy Fieri continues his DDD tour of Sacramento at Gatsby’s Diner.

Guido chop!

Guy Fieri continues this season’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives tour of Sacramento with a stop at Gatsby’s Diner tonight. Earlier this season, he stopped at The Golden Bear and business immediately boomed. A similar effect is expected when his visit to Dad’s Kitchen airs in four weeks.

As usual, the food he featured looked great as chef-owners Chuck Caplener and Jerad Nuttall showed off their local examples of homemade dishes and condiments. Guy tried the beet sliders, smoked pork chops, and German beef rouladen.

Since we know he’ll be back, where else should Guy visit in Sacramento? Am I crazy, or does he almost never feature Asian restaurants?

4 thoughts on “More hot Sacto action on DDD”

  1. From what I’ve seen of his show he only goes places where he can make the following two comments while his mouth is full of food: “Oh yeah, pasta al dente,” and “Mmm hmm, cooked perfectly just the way I like it.”

    Really gives me a sense of the experience.


  2. No one I trust more for restaurant advise than a man who pitches for TGIFridays and has two restaurants in our town – one with a 2.5 star rating on yelp, and another with a (barely hanging onto) 3 star rating. Me thinks not.


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