Kitchen Nightmares in Sac- Nominate Your Least Favorite Restaurant

Gordon Ramsay is coming to our fair city. The temperamental Scottish chef, known for his pugnacious attitude and glistening, golden-haired barrel-chest will be dropping f-bombs on some of your (least) favorite area restaurants as part of his Fox show Kitchen Nightmares.

This is where you come in. The producers are looking for readers to submit their nominations for the most nightmarish kitchen in town. I’m nominating a few myself — specifically Sweetwater and The Corner — as I think neither of them has a clear culinary vision, tasty food, or skills in the kitchen. And my friends the Crushers saw multiple rodents at Sweetwater. What more do you need? 

Anyway, check out the graphic below for submitting your suggestions to Kitchen Nightmares and, who knows, maybe your local disappointment will turn into your local favorite.

Kitchen Nightmares nominations from Sacramento wanted

11 thoughts on “Kitchen Nightmares in Sac- Nominate Your Least Favorite Restaurant”

  1. I spend a fair amount of time in Pollock Pines. Virtually every restaurant in the 95726 would benefit greatly from a Gordon Ramsay bootcamp.


  2. As much as I dislike Ramsey, I’d have to send him to Mikuni to have his way.

    Mediocre quality, too many damn sauces (to hide complaint #1?), high prices, bleh service, and worst of all, a great reputation.

    Now fawk off!


  3. Unless you are just sounding off, I believe you have to send your suggestions to the email address or phone number listed in the graphic to be considered.


  4. I’ve already seen the Sacramento episode thanks to my time machine. He takes the chef to a local farm and shows him just how great fresh local ingredients are. Then he simplifies the menu and creates some low-price lunch items for higher turnover. Everyone is happy until Sacramento loses interest like an ADD kid off his meds and moves on to the next grand opening for a chain restaurant.


  5. As much as I love Pancake Circus, they could definitely would benefit a makeover… But I hesitate to nominate them.


  6. Hell, lets just nominate all of Broadway. Except for the good Thai place that is right next to Thai place that no one eats at.


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