As Seen on Sacramento Bumpers

Spotted yesterday on the back of a silver Hyundai, a bumper sticker reading:

Go Kings! No really, go.

I think I know how Rochester felt.

5 thoughts on “As Seen on Sacramento Bumpers”

  1. Great sticker. I came to Sac in 2001 an saw limitless potential for this city/zone. I still love it, but I’m still confused by so many things that occur here. We’re in the capital of the most sought-after state in the union and we’re coming close to losing our NBA team. I’m blown away that we are having trouble holding on to the only pro sport in the area. I loved the fervor of the fans when I arrived. I’m a Warriors fan and that’s only happened a few times in my life. Losing them would just plain stink. If that sales tax offer had just passed…shame.


  2. And everyone could have gotten free ponies if just another 1% sales tax was imposed.

    Obviously Sacramento is crazy and hates ponies. Or could it be that the majority of general citizens are just sick of paying the pony suppliers, who constantly whine that “we need a bigger grassy field to raise our ponies” and “we need a better barn to winter the ponies”, when the average Joe just don’t have a big yard and barn and money for food for their own pony? I, for one, am glad that Sacramento just said “No” to funding $100 per ticket NBA games, $10 per car parking, $10 per beer beer, etc. Go to a ‘Cats game.


  3. I agree 100%. Taxpayers shouldn’t be subsidizing big business. The whole point of capitalism is that the better business model, best-addressing that which is most-needed, wins out. Good luck to the Maloofs in Anaheim.


  4. I’m talking real ponies. But you can use any item that the producers of want to sell, with the assistance of taxpayers, that not all taxpayers utilize. I’m not talking about things like ambulances (which no one WANTS to use, but people often have to), which is a legitimate safety (/education/other real governmental function) service, but ENTERTAINMENT. Stop claiming it’s an “economic” issue: When City Hall funds my S&M chamber . . . err. . . I mean “museum,” I’ll allow them to tax me to fund your “sports hall.” If it was really an economic issue, the City would be taxing us to invest in something with a real rate of return. That’s not the City’s job. And neither is entertainment.


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