!!! and the Coachella Pants

Last week, !!! came home to play Sacramento before a stop at Coachella on Friday. Coachella’s YouTube Channel, which resumes live broadcast tonight at 4pm, has highlights from their Friday performance and reminds me why Nic Offer is one of the most entertaining frontmen in music today.

Few performers can match Nic’s close relationship with his audience. How many singers ride around on the shoulders of an audience member spending several minutes holding the mic in his mouth making random noises? Few, because they would look and sound ridiculous. Yet, Nic gets away with it all. His vocals barely pass as what most people would consider to be “singing” and his dance moves border on being hysterical fits of epilepsy, yet the crowd always eats it up, me included. I always wonder why the don’t play a hometown show at a venue that fits more than 200 people.

I also wonder what is up with Nic’s shorts. I don’t think he owns a pair of pants that is not blue, nor do I think that he takes more than two or three pairs on the road. The Coachella cameraman seems to be equally fascinated with his pants, as every song gives him several opportunities to point the camera up his leg and catch a glimpse of his dangling, err, Offer-ing. Awkward.

!!! was also featured in this years SXSW Film Festival as a nominee for Best Music Video. The video for Jamie, My Intentions are Bass, was directed by Sacramento’s Saman Keshavarz, who also won the 2010 competition, and was shot in Sacramento.

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