Railyard Recycled

So here’s a new (-ish) video about the Sacramento Railyards project. The Center for Creative Land Recycling is one of many partners – public, private and nonprofit – trying to redevelop Sacramento’s historic (and historically blighted) former Union Pacific railyard.

240 acres of abandoned railyard has been spooning the north-west corner of downtown Sacramento for years. City leaders hope to transform this rail-etched wasteland into a downtown annex with housing, retail, office space, and entertainment and cultural venues, not to mention development of the riverfront.

It’s a massive project – 240 acres is almost as big as the City’s existing business district – and progress has been painstaking.

Part of the reason is the railyard has rail tracks – go figure. City leaders broke ground today on shifting the tracks a few hundred feet north of their current footprint to make room for development of the railyard’s front end. Just moving the tracks will take 18 to 24 months.

I hope Sacramento doesn’t give up on this. The Railyards Project presents a lot of technical and financial challenges, and we’re not going to see a vibrant Downtown 2 sprout out of the ground in time for Christmas shopping. But in the long run, a collective push toward this vision, I think, is worth it.

The Railyards will test our commitment, as a community, to investing in ourselves over the long haul. It will also remind us of the possibilities for a downtown that doesn’t sit next to Mad Max territory.

3 thoughts on “Railyard Recycled”

  1. In the 1800’s the builders of the transcon railroad could lay miles of track per day.

    We have now progressed to the point where it takes years and years to lay a couple hundred yards. Is American capability to build infrastructure following some kind of inverse Moore’s Law?


  2. If the City would just tell the hobos (aka “homeless”) that booze was burried years ago under the tracks, they’d dig em all up in a fortnight.


  3. or just tell Rob Fong there’s another young, blonde, already married staffer worthy of ditching his family again hiding under those tracks….


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