River Cats History

I missed my chance to witness Sacramento history Saturday night, when the River Cats played the longest game in River Cats history - 16 innings to break a stalemate, well past midnight, to defeat Oklahoma City’s Redhawks.

After enjoying a good 9 innings, and sitting through an additional 5, my crew and I finally succumbed to dropping temperatures, high winds, and Dinger Dog stupor. And packed it up and went home.

If I’d known we were on track to set a record, I probably would have held out. I experienced in person Sacramento’s first (and so far, last) New Year’s Eve ball drop on Jan. 1, 2009. I’m told the K Street event was a violence-wrought disaster, though I honestly don’t remember noticing anything untoward.

I’d have loved to add the River Cats’ marathon Saturday to my list of Sacramento milestones.

I blame the weather. It ruined Opening Game too. I had grass seats at that one – cold wet grass and unseasonably cold winds, made worse by my miscalculation that a “beer jacket” would offset the inherent coldness of holding a 16th oz Miller in my shivering hands. By the 7th inning, I was praying for a tauntaun carcass I could crawl into for warmth.

But that was in April. I’ll give earth’s climate a pass on this one. But come on, late May? And it’s still sweatshirt weather? You ruined history for me, climate.

Anyway, if you were one of the few brave souls who actually stayed for the end of the game Saturday, I’d love to read your observations. By the time I left in the 14th inning, attendance was about one-third what it had been in the 9th. I’d be really interested to know how many hung on till the very end.

I was at the Virgin Sturgeon later that night, listening for fireworks that were supposed to follow the game. They never came, and I realized they were cancelled at the late hour. What I didn’t hear in its silence, was a moment in history I had missed.

2 thoughts on “River Cats History”

  1. The family and I were there Saturday night with the rest of Sacramento’s District 54 Little League. We did stay to the end, but there weren’t many of us left. They did do the fireworks though – around 12:20.


  2. Wow! I was assuming we’d hear it from the Sturgeon. That’s great, though. I guess I’ll kick myself one more time for being a quitter.


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